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Together we can rebuild.

40 million in savings

Deliver a modern event centre to our city

Support Businesses

Supports existing businesses and gives room for growth. 

A win for all of greater Sudbury

Frees up funds for multiple areas of the community



Allows for more parking during game nights, and during the day

Elgin Street.jpg

40 million in Savings

A place for everyone

Will be supported by a tricultural community consultation process.

No Interuptions

Construction to be sequenced around ‘Sudbury Wolves’ + ‘Sudbury 5’ playing seasons.

No delays

Project can start now. 

A stronger community

Integrates sustainable + regenerative strategies.

Minto Street.jpg

Fiscally responsible.

In a time of a deep economic recession in our community.

No additional road cost

Takes advantage of existing infrastructure; roads, services, buildings.

Protects our Heritage

Preserves, upgrades, expands a historic place.

Increases Investment

Stimulates additional investment; creates opportunities.

Brady Street.jpg

Improves other investments

Proximity to newly renovated Tom Davies Square allows for shared events

Memorial CUp Ready

Accommodates new arena programming and infrastructure requirements.

Drive Economic activity

provides a net benefit to our community over the life of the project.

Better for Concerts

Makes it easier and more likely for larger artists to play Sudbury

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